Karatbars International is a company that’s in the business of assisting people in exchanging their devaluing paper currency for real money, the “Highest Grade” GOLD in the World, one gram at a time. By this simple action alone, it increases their net worth.

Karatbars makes acquiring GOLD very simple and affordable starting with opening a FREE GOLD Savings Account. We have clients who purchase 1 gram of gold a week at approximately $60-$65,(lowest Currency Grade “asset class” Gram Price worldwide). We also have clients who purchase $7000 to $130,000 of gold at a time.

The gold that you acquire can by vaulted offshore under High Security or shipped directly to your door for physical ownership asset protection.

When it comes to gold, Karatbars bullion is in a superior asset class compared to gold coins. In terms of value, benefits, and features, Karatbars is the very best gold owned privately. Karatbars is authentic 999.9 fine, Privately issued, LBMA good delivery list, “Currency Grade” GOLD.

Karatbars International uses an Affiliate “Network Style” of marketing and is NOT MLM. This is perfect for not only the individual but also business owners, ministries, associations, independent media outlets, or non-profit organizations as well as their members or web audience at the same time.